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What Does It Take To Put On A Festival?

Do you love the Ely Winter Festival?  Do you have skills in any of the areas listed below that you would like to contribute?  The Festival needs your brain power and a few of your hours!

As the saying goes, “many hands make light work.”  Please contact us if you are interested in playing.  We’re a fun group and we don’t have a lot of meetings 🙂  You do need to be “plugged in” and regularly in touch with your email.

  1. Marketing
    1. Ads
    2. Operating within budget
    3. Meeting deadlines, picking media outlets
    4. Coordinate with Ely ArtWalk and Chamber for advertising
    5. Creating brochure, sending edited info to graphic designer, finalized editing, deciding how many brochures to order
    6. Distributing brochures – how many where, getting them to festival events
  2. Publicity
    1. Writing and sending out press releases
    2. Being available for interviews
    3. Social networking – facebook, twitter, updating web site
    4. Distribution of posters
    5. Deadlines
  3. Creative
    1. Ads
    2. Posters
    3. Pin Boards
    4. Banners
    5. Brochures
  4. Pins
    1. Coordinating design choice
    2. Ordering
    3. Distribution to stores
    4. Inventory
    5. Pin sales at events
    6. Pin sales at other fairs and festivals
  5. T-shirts
    1. Ordering and inventory
    2. Keeping the online store up to date with available sizes and inventory
    3. Distribution to stores
    4. Other selling opportunities
  6. Other Fundraising opportunities
  7. Events
    1. Finalize events and dates with event coordinators
    2. Put out deadlines
    3. Make sure web and marketing materials are correct
    4. Follow up with event coordinators after the Festival
  8. Sponsors
    1. Write, merge, print and send out sponsor letters
    2. Follow up
    3. Find new sponsors
    4. Make sure sponsor information is correct on web and brochure, EWF ads
  9. Grants
    1. Keep up with all available grant opportunities
    2. Write grants
    3. Get grants signed and mailed in
    4. Report on status to Board
    5. Write grant reports
  10. Administrative
    1. Filing
    2. Writing letters, thank yous
    3. Special mailings
    4. Organization in office
  11. Volunteers
    1. Help figure out volunteer schedule
    2. Recruit and manage volunteers
    3. Distribute posters
    4. Distribute brochures
    5. Blueberry festival and other fairs
      1. Setting up tent or tables
      2. Carting T-shirts and pins to sell
  12. Facilities Management
    1. Keep office area shoveled, salted
    2. Fix,  install, replace as necessary
    3. Build or oversee building of necessary installations
  13. Snow Sculpting Symposium