Snow Sculpting Symposium

About The International Snow Sculpting Symposium

The International Snow Sculpting Symposium is one of the premier events during the Ely Winter Festival. The symposium features large, snow sculptures carved by professional artists from around the country and around the globe.

The symposium is an art exhibition of snow sculptures primarily within the confines of Whiteside Park in Ely. (We occasionally have a few sculptures in other locations.) This art exhibition is not a contest. No awards are given. This encourages the artists to be open with their work and fosters camaraderie between teams. The symposium is intended to be an interactive event so viewers can walk through the park and observe artists creating the sculptures. Each sculpture is created by a team of artists lead by a team leader.

Note: This year, the limited symposium will feature a limited number of sculptures. We will be featuring a "virtual symposium" on the festival Facebook page. Be sure to "Like" and "follow" our page for more details.

Amateur Snow Sculpting Contest

Each year during the festival, in addition to the International Snow Sculpting Symposium, there is an Amateur Snow Sculpting Contest.

Note: Due to the limited symposium this year, the amateur contest has been postponed until 2022. We are encouraging amateurs to create their own snow sculptures in their yards and submit pictures on the festival Facebook page. Be sure to "Like" and "follow" our page for more details.

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